The Modular Study Group

The Modular Study Group is a concept that has operated with great success for the past 10+ years.

High quality education 

Not geographically limiting

Great social environment for students

Full courses in Math, English, and Science

One week Nine times a year


The MSG Model (tested for over 10 years)

Students begin assignments in late August.  Two weeks later they attend the school for one week.  After the week together students return home.  They continue working on assignments provided and supported by the school for three weeks.  They then return to the school for another session. Time away from the school is comprised of post-work and pre-work.  This cycle repeats itself nine times and ends in early to mid-May. After the final module together no assignments are given except makeup work and possible AP exams.

1550 USD  for only tuition

2750 USD including boarding


Benefits and Costs

Tremendous contact time with other students and teachers. 

Travel, visa and admin costs borne by the individual family.

Safe, Professional, Standardized

The MSG in any version adheres to the policies of the Child Safety and Protection Network. Our staff will present clear educational goals and directives to keep the students moving forward. We use a well proven curriculum that does not change quickly.

Modern Tools & Courses

Our students are well supported with online recources while they are away from the campus. We use an online classroom site and can tutor the students in their homes as needed.

A Team Who Cares

The boarding, teaching and admin staff of the MSG exist to keep families thriving on the field where they are working.  We are all sent by organizations to help fulfill the GC, and individually desire to invest in lives of the future generation.